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About Us

about afrigora

a little peice of Africa for every part of your life

We sell the best of African fashion, jewelry, home décor and more! All of our designs are either made from African textiles, inspired by African designs or are made in Africa.

about afrigora

curated to bring you the best

Every designer is vetted to ensure every product is made with care. Our mission is to not only make it easier to sell African designs but also make it easier to shop for African designs.

bolstering communities of African designers

Our mission is to provide a platform that empowers designers of African products to do what they love and our shoppers to find what they love.

designers from all around the world

Afrigora is bolstering the businesses of African and African-Inspired designers all over the world.

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a better way to buy and sell African designs

Afrigora is beautifully curated to allow you to easily experience the best in African designs around the world. With the help of all the amazing designers, we aim to have African designs in every household.

Alicia Wood

Co-Founder, CTO

Afrigora is about elevating the status of African designs. It's for the individual who isn't afraid to express their individual style and play with textiles and color.

Lillian Spio

Co-Founder, CEO